Simplify your workday.

Cloud tools to streamline your supply chain.

Friendly and beautiful software for manufacturing.

BriteHub is the all-in-one solution bringing internal teams and external customers together.

RFQs, Quotes, & POs

Organized and linked in one place.


Collaborate internally & externally.

Store & Share Files

Track CAD assets via RFQs, Quotes, POs and ECOs.

ECOs & Version Control

Keep engineering aligned with sales and QA.

Score Cards

Track and compare supplier performances.

Grow Your Network

Find new partners through our marketplace.

Customer Support

Always here to answer your questions.

Custom Solutions

Coexists nicely with enterprise software.

The best of supply chain collaboration.

Track who makes changes, who approves them, and all progress until product is shipped or received.

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Proven success.

Over 2,000 organizations enjoy using BriteHub every day.

BriteHub encourages us to work directly with our new client to finish the project and establish long term relationships. No busybody middleman to muck things up. We will be working with BriteHub for many years to come."

Tim Armstrong Owner, Sinotech USA

People love us.

BriteHub has partnered with leading domestic organizations and is used by both large and mid-size manufacturers.

Proven community of suppliers.

We have quality suppliers verified by BriteHub working with buyers from quote to purchase order. We cover all major manufacturing processes from plastic injection molding to CNC milling. No matter what your need is, we’ll have a quality supplier ready to become your partner.